Nostalgic connections play into all relationships. Families and friends reconnect again and again through the magic of years gone by—as we all do whenever we leaf through a yearbook. Yearbook brings nostalgia to individuals through special mementos, objects and furnishings that mean even more than they appear to be resting in a room or sitting on a shelf. We are here to assist our clients in recognizing some connection, or to help them find one. Yearbook was created to offer a design resource that brings the comfort and integrity of the past together with the fresh, vital energy of today.

The unique combination of academic, industrial and primitive pieces is Yearbook’s signature style. Balancing raw and refined pieces produces the Yearbook look. Working with diverse pieces was an intriguing challenge for Yearbook’s founders Jef Anderson and Noel Eberline, who have developed a unique and cohesive method of blending opposing styles to create warm, comfortable and stylish environments. The two have spent years experimenting and exploring how human emotions can be evoked through the nuanced assemblage of objects and furnishings.

Housed in a 1920s two-flat with original tin ceilings and tall leaded windows, Yearbook is a combined retail space and design studio which specializes in a range of design services, including graphic design and branding, web design, interior design and consulting, retail consulting and original product design.

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Jef Anderson has been in the business of design for over 20 years. He has worked for some of Chicago’s best agencies utilizing his experience in print, web and environmental design. Over the years, Jef has launched dozens of brands, art directed corporate wayfinding systems and consulted on interior design for private residential clients and retailers. He was a design director and stylist for Bloomingdales and Marshall Field’s on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Jef is an award-winning designer and strategist whose work has been honored and published in leading design publications and books.


Noel Eberline has extensive management experience working for corporate and non-profit organizations. In addition to co-owning Yearbook, he is also the Director of Customer Service for the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a well known provider of professional certifications for the information technology industry. Noel strives for high-quality results through collaboration and relationship building and his interpersonal communication. He is an ongoing source of inspiration to Jef on every design project.



Henry Clarence joined the Yearbook Team in December of 2012. His duties include serving as the official Yearbook Mascot, taking long naps in a triangle of sunlight near the back door of the studio, and begging for carrots. As a full-time partner with the company, Henry brings a confidence to his role and encourages others with his relaxed attitude and sense of calm. Henry has earned a faithful following on Instagram and has inspired a number of original product designs produced by Yearbook. He regularly attends staff meetings and always brings something meaningful to the table.