Warm feelings are spun into blankets from the Faribault Woolen Mill in Faribault, Minnesota. Yearbook has developed designs that communicate the Yearbook spirit, and collaborated with Faribault Mill to translate them into beautiful blankets, made for Yearbook exclusively and for you to enjoy, to pass along as heirlooms or to give as gifts.

Founded in 1865, at the end of the Civil War, the Faribault Woolen Mill Company positioned the Industrial Revolution securely in the Midwest. The original Faribault blankets were made on one of the first vertical woolen looms in the United States. Now one of the last, it stands side by side with its modern counterparts in the Faribault plant.


Over the years, Faribault blankets have become part of American life. They were considered basic equipment by America’s pioneers on the harsh trip west, and by U.S. soldiers and sailors in conflicts around the world. Today, Faribault blankets are woven by machine, but they have a comforting, hand-made quality that can take the chill from the air or protect knees or shoulders from a draft. And Faribault woolens are thoroughly modern—recyclable, biodegradable and respectful of the environment.


Among Faribault’s employees are a handful of craftspeople who can trace their association with the mill for over five generations, even surviving the Faribault plant’s near-closure in 2008, a victim of the struggling economy.


Preparing to close the business, Faribault looked for ways to dispose of its remaining inventory. In response, a mill designer created a throw from yarn remnants and dubbed it SoHo—a blanket made with Stuff on Hand only. Today, Yearbook offers the SoHo throw in both black and grey or red and grey plaid. The SoHo throw neatly reflects Yearbook’s philosophy—to recreate or resurrect objects that echo the spirit of the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. A beautiful example of recycling, SoHo throws and blankets combine luxury and necessity and have become one of Faribault’s—and Yearbook’s—most popular items.

We created our limited-edition stadium blanket to recall the glory of games won or lost. We approached the Faribault Woolen Mill with our design, and they created our stadium blanket in 100% washable wool, in brilliant collegiate red, whip-stitched in red all around. At the center of each blanket is the Yearbook megaphone logo, our visual reminder of enduring spirit.

Our Black Watch blanket honors the famed Royal Regiment of Scotland and is manufactured to original military specifications in classic dark blue and green tartan. The blanket is embellished with Yearbook’s signature crimson whip-stitched binding and its vintage megaphone patch in chenille and double felt.

The Maroon and Gold striped blanket, loomed in a design that would be familiar +to America’s foot soldiers; is manufactured according to military specifications that have been used for a century, since 1917. Designed with a military academy’s drafty barracks in mind, its double-cloth construction produces a heavy yet breathable blanket. It has rich colored stripes with single-serge stitching around the edge, and is embellished with Yearbook’s classic megaphone patch in chenille and double felt.

Get all wrapped up in Yearbook’s selection of Faribault woolens—designed for us, for you. Or for you to give to someone you want to wrap up in comfort and luxury.